Advantages of Using Home Heating Oil over Gas

Advantages of Using Home Heating Oil

With heating costs continuing to increase, many people are wondering whether or not they should switch to home heating oil. There are many benefits to using home heating oil distillate, which is actually similar to diesel. It works entirely differently to diesel, however, even though its chemical composition is fairly similar. It is a liquid fuel that is derived from crude oil that is converted to heating oil. The following is a quick look at why people choose to use it to heat their homes, instead of using traditional gas.

Most of the time home heating oil is used in residential oil furnaces and boilers so that homes can be warmed during the winter. Professional engineers are employed to come to the home and pour it into a furnace. Then the furnace is heated, and when this happens the warm air is released which causes the building to stay warm. The process continues to repeat itself as the surface air is drawn back into the furnace through the vents in the home, and is heated over and over again – and dispelled back throughout the house.

Types Of Home Heating Oil

There are three types of home heating oils that are each assigned a specific number, depending on what their price is and the overall quality of the oil. The number one type is generally the costliest, but it is the highest quality which means it will also produce heat the most efficiently. These factors must be considered when a person is attempting to choose what type of home heating oil to buy. The price of wholesale crude oil plays a role in determining the price for the cost of home heating oil as well, since it tends to fluctuate regularly.

One reason people choose home heating oil is the fact that there are many varieties available, and this allows them to have more choice when it comes to their heating source. It is also a popular choice even in areas where there is a good supply of natural or propane gas; it is a great alternative to these fuels because it can cost much less. Even when home heating oil prices reach new highs, consumers are liable to get a rebate for using an alternative to gas. Usually, they also have the choice to make a bulk purchase on home heating oil, which helps to reduce the overall costs of this type of heating.