Best Home Heating Oil Company

How to Choose the Best Home Heating Oil Company

Looking for the best home heating oil company in Northern Ireland? Those who have to utilise oil as their main domestic heating option can be easily confused if this is their first experience with it. Oil is delivered to homes very differently to gas or electricity, and therefore is a service that needs to be properly planned. It also has a different pricing format, so it is important that you understand how oil works in order to choose the best home heating oil company.

Across the UK there are millions of homes that rely on oil for heating, and that means that there are many different oil companies out there looking for your business. In rural areas that are not on the gas network, oil is generally the cheapest option. Oil is utilised by boilers, but cookers and fires can be powered by it as well.

Oil Types

Generally consumers have two choices of oil; gas oil and kerosene oil. Kerosene tends to be the cheaper of the two because it is more efficient, so it will last longer. Of course, this means it can be priced a bit higher as well, so you have to balance long-term value when making your choice.

One of the big differences between other fuels and oil is that it is delivered in bulk. Your home has a large tank that it is stored in. Therefore, you need to monitor how much oil you have used and make sure that you place an order for more oil prior to your supply running out, or you will not have any source of heat.


This can be an issue with budgeting since you will essentially have to pay for your heating costs upfront, but there are some heating companies that will allow you to spread payments out on a monthly basis. If you want this type of budgeting option, then this is certainly something that you will need to look into when you choose your oil heating company.

Finally, when it comes to the time to choose the right oil supplier you will need to visit us at Thompson Fuels for the best prices for home heating oil in Northern Ireland. The way to determine if you are getting a good price is by looking at the current wholesale prices for oil. Suppliers tend to make a profit at a minimum of four pence per litre, so therefore if you find a company that offers you a quote that is just four pence above wholesale, you have found a fair company to work with.

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