Looking after your oil boiler

The Importance of Boiler Servicing

Most homes these days have central heating, as well as hot running water, and many of these systems rely on a central boiler. Boilers are expensive and should last a long time, providing they are serviced on a regular basis. You may think that you can’t afford to have your boiler serviced annually, but if you don’t, there could be problems.

The Benefits of a Regular Service

When you have your boiler serviced by a professional plumber on a regular basis, in the end it could save you a lot of unnecessary expense. A professional will not only spot any problems and fix them, they may also pinpoint a problem that could result in a lot of future expense. When you have your boiler serviced on a regular basis, not only does it unearth problems before they become a catastrophe, it can also mean that your boiler will run more efficiently. Paying a set amount for an annual boiler servicing will give you peace of mind, as a professional can spot a fault that you may not have realised was there.

Preventing Serious Problems

Regular boiler servicing ensures that your boiler is running to maximum efficiency. It also means that potential future problems may be picked up on before they cause serious damage. If you don’t have your boiler serviced on a regular basis, the first sign that something is wrong could be when you have no hot water, or your radiators are not working properly.

Averting Danger

A faulty boiler is dangerous and may leak carbon monoxide into your home. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas, and if there is likely to be a leak, a service engineer will often pick up on it before it becomes a serious problem. When you have your boiler serviced on a regular basis, the work is generally guaranteed, which means that if anything goes wrong soon after the service, you may be covered. Your boiler is an expensive and necessary item so it deserves taking care of. When you make sure that your boiler is inspected and cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, it will last a lot longer than one that’s not regularly serviced.

Keeping Warm

Sick people and older people need to keep warm, especially in cold weather, and in these cases, an efficient boiler is a necessity. A growing number of companies and organisations now offer monthly payment schemes to those on low incomes. The payment scheme is designed to cover the cost of a regular boiler service, which could save a lot of worry and inconvenience in the long term.