Oil versus gas

Oil versus gas – why oil is the better choice

Choosing a fuel to use to heat your home is a very important decision. Not only is heat important to make sure that your home stays a comfortable place of shelter, but it is also a main household bill that should be carefully considered. There are many reasons why oil is the better choice when it comes to choosing a fuel source to heat your home. Here are just a few factors to consider if you are looking at oil versus gas as a heating source.

First of all, you may be surprised to learn that heating oil supplies are actually quite plentiful, despite the fact that the news would have you believe there is a shortage. Renewable biofuel options are helping to add additional sources to an already very large sustainable supply. This means that oil is easily available and is not going to run out anytime soon. Natural gas is not a renewable source of heating, and that actually makes it more likely to run out.

Lower Prices

Second, contrary to popular belief, heating oil is less expensive than natural gas, even though most people seem to think it’s the other way around. In fact, statistics prove that for the past 22 years, heating oil was less expensive. This makes it a great choice for those who want to keep their household budget under control. Plus, if you already have a heating oil system, it just makes sense to keep it, because it could cost you a five figure sum to convert to natural gas!

Following up on this point, there is no reason to convert a heating oil system to natural gas, because the newest technologies have allowed most oil heat appliances to last over three decades – if they are maintained properly. That means you can get 30 years of use out of your heating oil system, and they are evolving and becoming more and more advanced. On the other hand, a natural gas furnace on average lasts from 11 to 14 years.

Finally, if you need one more reason to choose heating oil over natural gas, consider this: heating oil is a clean fuel. The oil that is used today produces almost zero emissions, and most new oil system technologies actually re-burn fuel, recycling it and reducing emissions overall. A properly maintained system will burn very cleanly, meaning that you will help keep the world green by making a smart heating decision.