How to Look After your Oil Boiler

Look after your oil boiler

Keep your boiler functioning all year round

Plenty of us in the modern world have centrally heated homes, and the majority use gas boilers to deliver both heating and hot water. If you don’t live near a mains gas system, or if you are not keen on gas heating, then you may have oil fired heating and hot water. In order to keep things running smoothly when they’re needed most, certain precautions are always a good idea, including regular servicing.

Whether your heating system is oil or gas fired, you need to take care of the boiler. Failure to undertake a few simple checks could mean an expensive repair bill, as well as a lack of heat and hot running water.

Changing Weather

As the weather starts to get warmer in late spring or early summer, a good many people will turn off their central heating. If you do this, it is always a good idea to switch it on for a short while every two weeks as this is better for your boiler – it also means that if a problem develops, you’re more likely to catch it early on than you would be if you hadn’t switched it on at all. You only have to run the boiler for five or ten minutes as this will clear any dust or grit that may have built up. Turning it on may be a nuisance in particularly warm weather, but doing this means that the system will run more efficiently.

Playing Safe

Looking after your boiler doesn’t have to be a hard task, and giving it some care and attention could prevent expensive and possibly dangerous problems later on. Check that the area around your oil boiler is kept clear at all times; items that are too close to your boiler should be removed, as even small objects could be hazardous. It is also common sense to make your boiler easy to access for checking and servicing, and you’re more likely to check and clean around it if it’s easy to get to.

Annual Checks

If you have to replace your boiler due to a lack of care, not only are you likely to feel fed up, it could be very expensive. It’s much cheaper, and safer, to have the boiler checked by a professional plumber once a year. A qualified person can give it a thorough check and clean, and it’s worth the money because it could extend the life expectancy of your boiler by several years.