Oil Tank Security Tips

Oil Tank Security Tips

How to protect your oil tank from thieves with our Oil Tank Security Tips

Hopefully you will never be the victim of heating oil theft, but unfortunately from time to time it does happen, and may have even occurred in your community. Follow our Oil tank security tips, if you want to make sure that you are never a victim, then there are a few steps you can take to make sure that you protect your oil tank from thieves. There are many ways to protect your oil tank that range in difficulty, from easy, to those that require a bit of planning, so at the very least you should take advantage of the easiest ways to make sure that your oil tank remains off limits to others.

First of all, when you actually buy your oil tank, consider where you’re going to place it with some care. While your home and land may restrict your options, it is best to try to place your oil tank away from any external doors or gates, and place it in a spot that cannot be seen by those travelling on the road. Placing it close to your home is a good idea since it will be within your line of vision, and will deter some thieves who will look for an easier target elsewhere.

Second, you should install a security light that can sense movement near your heating oil tank. This way you can see your tank, and the lights will act as a deterrent for a nervous thief.

You can also protect your heating oil by adding some basic protection measures to your tank. For example, place a sturdy lock on the fill cap, and possibly even the vent cap. You also could place a security cage around the tank and cover up any exposed pipes.

If you live in a high theft area you may want to consider installing a CCTV system, and make sure to place a sign on your gate that informs would be thieves that you have it. A cheaper way to get similar, although not as foolproof results, is to place a Beware of the Dog sign on the gate as well. Most thieves prefer to target homes without dogs for obvious reasons!

You can also try to hide your heating oil tank with greenery, which is a great option for an avid gardener. Try rose bushes, holly, and other plants with prickles or thorns around the tank to deter thieves. As an added bonus, they may snag some evidence that will help you catch any thief that does try to steal your heating oil!