Best Home Heating Oil Company

Best Home Heating Oil Company Northern Ireland

How to Choose the Best Home Heating Oil Company

Looking for the best home heating oil company in Northern Ireland? Those who have to utilise oil as their main domestic heating option can be easily confused if this is their first experience with it. Oil is delivered to homes very differently to gas or electricity, and therefore is a service that needs to be properly planned. It also has a different pricing format, so it is important that you understand how oil works in order to choose the best home heating oil company.

Across the UK there are millions of homes that rely on oil for heating, and that means that there are many different oil companies out there looking for your business. In rural areas that are not on the gas network, oil is generally the cheapest option. Oil is utilised by boilers, but cookers and fires can be powered by it as well.

Oil Types

Generally consumers have two choices of oil; gas oil and kerosene oil. Kerosene tends to be the cheaper of the two because it is more efficient, so it will last longer. Of course, this means it can be priced a bit higher as well, so you have to balance long-term value when making your choice.

One of the big differences between other fuels and oil is that it is delivered in bulk. Your home has a large tank that it is stored in. Therefore, you need to monitor how much oil you have used and make sure that you place an order for more oil prior to your supply running out, or you will not have any source of heat.


This can be an issue with budgeting since you will essentially have to pay for your heating costs upfront, but there are some heating companies that will allow you to spread payments out on a monthly basis. If you want this type of budgeting option, then this is certainly something that you will need to look into when you choose your oil heating company.

Finally, when it comes to the time to choose the right oil supplier you will need to visit us at Thompson Fuels for the best prices for home heating oil in Northern Ireland. The way to determine if you are getting a good price is by looking at the current wholesale prices for oil. Suppliers tend to make a profit at a minimum of four pence per litre, so therefore if you find a company that offers you a quote that is just four pence above wholesale, you have found a fair company to work with.

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Looking after your oil boiler

Looking after your oil boiler

The Importance of Boiler Servicing

Most homes these days have central heating, as well as hot running water, and many of these systems rely on a central boiler. Boilers are expensive and should last a long time, providing they are serviced on a regular basis. You may think that you can’t afford to have your boiler serviced annually, but if you don’t, there could be problems.

The Benefits of a Regular Service

When you have your boiler serviced by a professional plumber on a regular basis, in the end it could save you a lot of unnecessary expense. A professional will not only spot any problems and fix them, they may also pinpoint a problem that could result in a lot of future expense. When you have your boiler serviced on a regular basis, not only does it unearth problems before they become a catastrophe, it can also mean that your boiler will run more efficiently. Paying a set amount for an annual boiler servicing will give you peace of mind, as a professional can spot a fault that you may not have realised was there.

Preventing Serious Problems

Regular boiler servicing ensures that your boiler is running to maximum efficiency. It also means that potential future problems may be picked up on before they cause serious damage. If you don’t have your boiler serviced on a regular basis, the first sign that something is wrong could be when you have no hot water, or your radiators are not working properly.

Averting Danger

A faulty boiler is dangerous and may leak carbon monoxide into your home. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas, and if there is likely to be a leak, a service engineer will often pick up on it before it becomes a serious problem. When you have your boiler serviced on a regular basis, the work is generally guaranteed, which means that if anything goes wrong soon after the service, you may be covered. Your boiler is an expensive and necessary item so it deserves taking care of. When you make sure that your boiler is inspected and cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, it will last a lot longer than one that’s not regularly serviced.

Keeping Warm

Sick people and older people need to keep warm, especially in cold weather, and in these cases, an efficient boiler is a necessity. A growing number of companies and organisations now offer monthly payment schemes to those on low incomes. The payment scheme is designed to cover the cost of a regular boiler service, which could save a lot of worry and inconvenience in the long term.

What the World’s Falling Oil Prices Mean for You

World's falling oil prices

Over the last year, the price of oil has fallen dramatically, which has caused huge problems both for those who invested in it, and those countries that rely on its production. The knock on effect of the state of oil prices is huge. It will affect prices for the fuel industry, but whether they will pass on any fall in prices to the consumer is questionable.

Some believe that the reported slowdown in China’s economy has added to the drop in oil prices because China’s demand for oil has dropped. Along with this, the upsurge in the use of shale gas in the United States has not helped the declining price of oil.

The End of Fossil Fuels

It’s not that long ago that many people were concerned about what would happen when our supplies of fossil fuels ran out. Right now there is more concern about what is going to happen to the glut of oil – and what about those economies that rely on its production and sale? The economic problems of 2008, when oil was at its highest price yet, sent all the experts into a spin and in the wake of that crisis, the price of oil began to fall. More recently, the banks have had to readjust their finances downwards, as they hadn’t expected that the problem would be a glut of oil and falling prices.

What Effects Might the Drop in Oil Prices Have?

Whether the consumer will be financially better off due to falling oil prices is questionable, although there has been some lowering of prices at the petrol pumps. Right now food prices are either falling a little or remaining stable, which is good news for most ordinary people. Because so much depends on the price of oil, while the price of it is low, so is the rate of inflation. So, in the short term, the falling price of oil looks good for the ordinary consumer, who may find that their money is going a bit further than before the oil price crisis. On the other hand, if inflation falls too far or too fast, it can have a negative effect on a country’s economy.

If deflation occurs, this is an economist’s worst nightmare, and may only marginally benefit the consumer. Deflation can result in a downward trend for everyone, and initial falling prices could become a real problem for employers. If they are not getting sufficient returns for their goods and services, some may eventually go out of business, which affects everyone employed by those companies. However, the tendency of the market is to rise and fall, so it’s difficult to say whether oil prices will continue to drop, or whether consumption in developing countries may reverse the trend.

Home Heating

You have also probably noticed that heating your home is a lot more affordable in recent times, we are happy to pass on the drop in oil prices onto you the consumer. Visit Thompson Fuels today to order your oil and take advantage of the lower fuel prices in Northern Ireland.

Keeping warm this winter

Keeping warm this winter

Best Gifts for Keeping Warm this Winter

Christmas is almost upon us, but unfortunately so are cooler temperatures. If you really want to give your loved ones a gift they can use next year, consider buying them something that will help them keep warm. There are thousands of great gift ideas that will help warm their hearts with joy – and their actual bodies at the same time! The following is a list of some of the best ideas of giving winter gifts that your loved ones and friends will use on a regular basis, throughout all of the winter season.

Clothing Options

First off, if you are shopping for someone you know well, such as a close family member or a good friend, then you may want to consider buying a coat for them. A coat is something that is always needed and most people appreciate having a few choices to select from in the morning. Although you can get by with one winter coat, having options for cold blustery days can help lighten the mood a little bit. Bright colours are in this season, so think about choosing a coat in a colour that is not black, brown, or grey to really thrill a family member.

If a coat is a bit too much, you can always stick to the winter accessories that are just as necessary. Matching sets of scarves, gloves, and hats are always appreciated and will almost always be well used. This is a great gift for young children, and also a useful gift for adults, because when the snow starts falling everyone wants to bundle up. You can find accessories in various styles and trends, so make sure to keep the fashion sense of the person you are shopping for in mind. Choose a classic style, since that is more likely to match the winter wear they already own.

Liquid Refreshment

Mugs and teacups are another great item to buy during Christmas if you want to help keep friends and family warm, because nothing warms the body better than a hot beverage. On the coldest day, you can instantly warm up if you sip something warm, so why not purchase a fun mug or thermos for your loved one. You can add to the gift by also buying their favourite tea or coffee, and adding it to the present so that it becomes a gift package instead of just a mug. This is a great way to ensure that you buy them something useful this season.

Finally, for the older friends and family members in your life, you can always buy a gift package of whiskey or brandy to help warm their spirits during the cold winter. Everyone likes a quick sip of something strong to add a little fire during the cold winter months. Simply pick out a drink you know they will like, and just wait for their face to light up when they unwrap the present.

Why not buy them fuel

It may not be the most romantic Christmas gift but it is very practical – help keep someone warm this winter in Northern Ireland by ordering them fuel online.

Cooking your Christmas Turkey

Cooking your christmas turkey

Great Ways of Cooking your Christmas Turkey

Something a wee bit different from us from this December blog.  We all love our Christmas dinners and we were wondering all the different ways people have their turkey at Christmas.

One of the best ways to enjoy the holiday season is sitting down with the family for a huge Christmas dinner. However, in order to make sure that your meal is perfect, you have to make sure that you have a great turkey prepared as the centrepiece dish. Everyone has slightly different tastes when it comes to preparing turkey, so you may want to read over the following methods before you cook yours, and choose the one that appeals to your family. You can’t go wrong serving a huge bird with all of your family’s favourite fixings!


First of all, you can simply roast your turkey in the oven, which is probably the most traditional way to serve a turkey. However, just because it is traditional, does not mean that it will be lacking in taste. Consider rubbing your turkey in butter and garlic, or a seasoning of your choice, to give it extra flavour. You can also purchase flavour injections to give the meat even more taste as it tenderly roasts in the oven. The longer the turkey cooks, the more flavour it will have and the softer the meat will be, until it almost falls apart in your mouth.


If you prefer to take a non-traditional route that is a bit more sophisticated, then consider serving a braised turkey this Christmas. Foodies generally are huge fans of braised turkey, because this is the easiest way to make sure that the slices stay moist. Although it does mean that you will have to dissect the turkey and serve it in pieces, the end result will be moist and flavourful bites, which may help bring new life to your bird. This is a great choice for those who have family members that claim to hate turkey because it is so dry!

Deep Frying

Deep fried turkey is quickly becoming fashionable, and while the tradition may have started in the southern states of the US, it is creeping its way into all geographic areas. While it’s not the healthiest, it is undeniably one of the tastiest ways to serve turkey. Plus, it is an extremely quick process, so instead of spending hours waiting for your turkey to cook you can simply deep fry it in under an hour. If you want to get the most out of the experience however, you should soak your turkey in a brine of brown sugar and kosher salt for at least eight hours, to get the meat infused with plenty of flavour. You will also want to do this outdoors, because the splatter and mess is not easy to deal with.


If you like the idea of cooking the turkey outside, so that you have room in your oven for everything else, but don’t like the idea of deep frying then you may want to think about smoking your turkey. Wood chips add a unique taste to the bird, to the point that you don’t even have to worry about seasoning or soaking the turkey before you place it in the smoker – although adding a bit of seasoning will still help bring all of the flavours together. Wine, apple cider, and bourbon are all great ways to brine the turkey before placing it in the smoker. Bon appetit!

How Can You Help your Elderly Neighbours this Winter?


After the age of about nine or ten very few people actually like winter. Sure, it may be fun to look out at fresh snow, but then comes the morning when you need to shovel out your car, or trudge through slush and sleet to get to work. Winter also poses a lot of dangers hidden in the forms of black ice, melting snow, and potentially lethal icicles. You may be able to keep up with all of these dangers by regularly taking care of your home, but your elderly neighbours might find it a much more difficult task. Here are just a few ways to help them out this winter, so that everyone can enjoy the glittering snow at least once in a while.

Don’t Wait to be Asked

First of all, if you truly want to assist your elderly neighbours, you need to be proactive by stepping up and helping them without an invitation. Most older people are used to being independent and will not willingly ask for help, even if they could use it. They may also feel like they will be a bother if they ask. Therefore, you will need to reach out to them in order to help, but even if they attempt to tell you they are fine, they will end up deeply appreciating the effort.

Once you reach out to them to offer help you will want to maintain contact to make sure that they remain okay throughout the winter season. Storms may be a particular hazard for them, but so is daily winter weather. It can be hard for them to get out and navigate through the snow, even if the weather is clear for the day. Stop in and say hello at least once a week, or ask for their phone number so that you can check in. When you talk, see if they have enough food in, and ask them generally how their health is.

Storms & Ice

You also will want to make sure that you make an extra effort to check in with them before and after a large storm hits. By keeping up with the weather forecasts, you can make sure that they are OK following any power cuts that may result from a blizzard or ice storm. If your area is snowed in frequently, you should check that your elderly neighbours have a first aid kit, a battery-powered radio, and all of their medications in stock beforehand.

They can be stubborn from time to time, and may want to head outdoors even on days they know that they shouldn’t. The elderly are much more susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite, so on cold days, help out by picking up a few groceries for them, bringing their post up to the house, or tossing the newspaper out of the driveway and up to their door.

On the same principle, you should offer to shovel the snow for them during the winter months. The elderly are prone to heart attacks that can be brought on by shovelling snow in cold temperatures. You also should throw some salt down on any ice you see, as older people can seriously harm themselves if they slip on any icy patches.

Why Oil Prices Rise & Fall Around The World

Oil Prices Northern Ireland

To anyone that’s filling their petrol tank or heating their home without paying attention to the news, oil prices can seem to rise and fall with no real logic. If you ever wonder how these costs seem to yo-yo so unpredictably, here’s a guide to some of the most frequent factors involved.

Mother Nature Plays Her Part

Firstly, it’s important to understand that oil prices rise and fall based on perhaps a dozen different circumstances, all of which can affect the cost of imports, exports, and the eventual price you pay as a consumer. If you notice that prices are up in one country but down in another, it could be that one of those factors is not playing a role in one area, while in another location it is. Weather can play a big role; it may be costly to ship oil through a major storm in the Atlantic, for example. If other marine routes have calmer waters, those that receive oil via these routes may find their prices remain low.


Weather is not the only factor that shifts oil prices; geopolitical situations also play a strong role in determining the price of oil. The relationship that a consuming country’s leaders have with an oil producing country’s leaders can have a big effect on price fluctuations, and of course these relationships can change quickly – sometimes literally overnight.

Supply Issues

Inventories are another important issue. For example, if a country opens their own oil pipeline, prices will drop internally – but even the oil imports coming into that country will be priced lower in order to compete with domestic oil. However, if domestic oil is in short supply, or supplies are uncertain, then imports will be likely to be priced higher.

Complex Systems Affecting Your Pocket

These are just a few of the factors that affect global oil prices; there are actually many more that play a role in determining just how much you will pay at the fuel station, or for the oil you use to heat your home. Some of these include exchange rates, production decisions, spare capacity, and speculation and hedging by traders. Everything from weather systems to a new leadership in a particular country can affect what you as a consumer end up paying. The reasons for oil price fluctuations may seem complex, even chaotic, but they do highlight the fact that that it pays to stay informed!

Choosing the Right Home Heating Oil Supplier

Winter is fast approaching, and with it will come heating costs, but you can help minimise your bills – if you start looking around now for a cost effective home heating oil supplier. While there is a base price for oil, not all suppliers charge the same, and each has their own markup policy. Therefore, a little research may be all you need to do in order to find a cheaper solution for this winter. Here are just a few tips to help you choose the best home heating oil supplier in your area. Check out our pricing and order online here

Which Type Of Oil?

First of all, you need to think about the type of domestic heating oil that you plan to use in your boiler. Generally you have two options: gas oil and kerosene. In most cases kerosene is the cheapest option, as it is a much more efficient oil. It also will tend to be priced lower.


Next, you need to look at a supplier that will deliver quickly and reliably, since you never want to run out of oil. After a few seasons, you should have an idea of how much oil you consume in your boiler – but even then, you can have rough patches where you simply eat up fuel more quickly than other years. Since oil is delivered in bulk and then stored in the tank, you need to make sure that you have a supplier on hand that can deliver within a reasonable time frame. You don’t want to be without heat because you are waiting for your supplier. Chose a local supplier like Thompson Fuels and you will never be let down.

Payments & Costs

Once you get these considerations taken care of, you need to consider the cost of oil. Since it is delivered in bulk you may have to pay for a large amount upfront – which can be hard to budget for. Some suppliers will allow you to make payments, so if this will ease your monthly budget, consider looking for one that will help you out in this manner.

Finally, you need to make sure you are being charged a good price on your oil. You can do this by keeping track of the wholesale prices of oil. Most suppliers make a minimum of a 4 pence profit per litre. So, if you are able to get a quote that’s around this figure, you have found a great deal. If the price is much higher than this, you’re probably getting ripped off!

Saving on Heating Costs in Your Business

Saving on heatings costs in Northern Ireland

Every business wants to be Saving on heating costs.

Heating costs continue to grow every year and that means that the overhead costs of your business are likely to be growing as well. While you cannot control every expense that your business incurs on a monthly basis, you can help keep your heating costs down if you employ a few easy suggestions that many savvy business owners use. The following are a few of the top tips that will help you relax during the winter months, instead of seeing red every single time you open up the heating bill from your provider.

The very first thing you need to do is to evaluate how much heating you actually use. By taking a close look at your utility usage, you will be in a more informed position if it comes to changing your provider. It may be that the provider is willing to offer you a bulk-rate purchase price, which might look attractive if it turns out that you regularly consume the minimum amount of oil to qualify for that price. At the same time, if you notice that the usage is very high, then you can look into perhaps replacing faulty equipment – this might be causing your business to incur much higher heating bills than necessary.

Fixed or Variable Rates?

Next, as a business you should consider switching to a fixed rate provider if you have not yet done so. Many people will choose the variable rate when prices are low, but oil prices fluctuate so much that you will almost always get caught out by doing this. In addition, it is safe to assume that during the winter months the prices will always skyrocket, so avoid getting stuck with exorbitant bills by choosing a fixed rate plan that will allow you to budget your heating costs properly. This way you can lock yourself into a payment schedule at a rate that is affordable and predictable.

Finally, it is more than just ‘important’ to evaluate the heating bill when the time comes to save money on energy costs in a business. In this case, cutting back on heating alone will not be enough to solve the problem. You may also want to look into adding energy efficient components into a heating system, as this will allow you to make substantial long-term savings.

Contact us today if you want more information on saving on your business heating costs. TEL: 028 9030 8693

Advantages of Using Home Heating Oil over Gas

Advantages of home heating oil

Advantages of Using Home Heating Oil

With heating costs continuing to increase, many people are wondering whether or not they should switch to home heating oil. There are many benefits to using home heating oil distillate, which is actually similar to diesel. It works entirely differently to diesel, however, even though its chemical composition is fairly similar. It is a liquid fuel that is derived from crude oil that is converted to heating oil. The following is a quick look at why people choose to use it to heat their homes, instead of using traditional gas.

Most of the time home heating oil is used in residential oil furnaces and boilers so that homes can be warmed during the winter. Professional engineers are employed to come to the home and pour it into a furnace. Then the furnace is heated, and when this happens the warm air is released which causes the building to stay warm. The process continues to repeat itself as the surface air is drawn back into the furnace through the vents in the home, and is heated over and over again – and dispelled back throughout the house.

Types Of Home Heating Oil

There are three types of home heating oils that are each assigned a specific number, depending on what their price is and the overall quality of the oil. The number one type is generally the costliest, but it is the highest quality which means it will also produce heat the most efficiently. These factors must be considered when a person is attempting to choose what type of home heating oil to buy. The price of wholesale crude oil plays a role in determining the price for the cost of home heating oil as well, since it tends to fluctuate regularly.

One reason people choose home heating oil is the fact that there are many varieties available, and this allows them to have more choice when it comes to their heating source. It is also a popular choice even in areas where there is a good supply of natural or propane gas; it is a great alternative to these fuels because it can cost much less. Even when home heating oil prices reach new highs, consumers are liable to get a rebate for using an alternative to gas. Usually, they also have the choice to make a bulk purchase on home heating oil, which helps to reduce the overall costs of this type of heating.