Thompson Fuels provide a wide range of coal products.

If you would like to order some of our coal products please contact us on 028 3884 0045

Coal Products we Offer (prices shown are price per bag delivered):
Open Fires 
Product Per Bag
40KG 5* Coal £36.00

40KG House Coal £30.00

40KG 5* Doubles £36.00
40KG House Doubles £30.00

40KG Singles £28.50
40KG Rough Slack £23.50
40KG Fine Slack £17.00
Smokeless Glass Fronted 
Product Per Bag
40KG Emberglow £27.00
40KG ESSE £38.00
50KG Phurnacite £40.00

Gravity Feed Boilers 
Product Per Bag

40KG Grains £31.00
Multi Fuel Stoves 
Product Per Bag
40KG Stovoids £35.00  

Smokeless Open Fires 
Product Per Bag
40KG Nuggetts £21.00
40KG Large Wondercoal £32.00
40KG Small Wondercoal £31.00
Other Products 
Product Per Item

SunnyJim 80PK £3.50
Sticks £4.00
Softwood Blocks £4.75
Hardwood Blocks £5.50

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